Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates

Courses are available to traditional and distance-learning graduate students, both degree and non-degree seeking. Students should coordinate course and certificate completions with their department’s academic advisors. Students pursuing a graduate certificate must receive a “B” or better in both required and elective courses.

Engineering Leadership Certificate

EGS 6039 – Engineering Leadership – 3 credits
EGS 6681 – Advanced Engineering Leadership Development – 3 credits*
And one of the following:
EGS 6626 – Fundamentals of Engineering Project Management – 3 credits
EGN 6640 – Engineering Entrepreneurship – 3 credits
EGN 6642 – Engineering Innovation – 3 credits

* EGS 4038, EGS 6039 or instructor approval is a prerequisite.

Engineering Project Management Certificate

EGS 6626 – Fundamentals of Engineering Project Management – 3 credits
EGS 6628 – Applied Engineering Project Management – 3 credits *
And one of the following:
ESI 6323 – Models for Supply Chain Management – 3 credits
EIN 6510 – Principles of Manufacturing Systems Engineering – 3 credits
ESI 6529 – Digital Simulation Techniques – 3 credits
ESI 6555 – Systems Management – 3 credits

* EGS 6626 is a prerequisite for EGS 6628.


Graduate students may apply for the certificate through the University of Florida Office of Admissions.

At UF, the process for all certificates is the same, and very similar to that for degree programs. Students should apply for admission to the certificate before taking the first prerequisite course but can transfer a course if it was taken within a year before being admitted to the certificate. Admitted students should apply to receive the certificate at the outset of their last semester.


For additional questions about course content or certificate requirements, contact Bill McElroy, Assistant Director of the Engineering Leadership Institute, at