Below is a list of courses offered by the UF Engineering Leadership Institute.  When available, an underlined course number links to a current syllabus.

EGN 4932 Special Topics – Agile Project Management for Engineers and Scientists – 3 credits
This course Provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the agile mindset and why agility is often needed when managing complex-adaptive products and projects in a volatile and uncertain environment. The course promotes agile thinking and applications using the Scrum framework and identifies conditions that enable (and disable) personal and organizational agility.

EGS 4038 / EGS 6039 – Engineering Leadership – 3 credits
Engineering Leadership introduces engineering graduate students to the concepts, theory, and practice of engineering leadership; effective written and oral communications and presentations; engineering leadership characteristics, individual differences, and self-awareness; developing and building teams; managing change, conflicts, and crises; and understanding real-world ethics and core values.

EGS 6039 (EDGE)– Engineering Leadership – 3 credits
This course covers the same general content as EGS 6039 but with assignments adapted more for graduate students with some work experience who are completing their advanced degree(s) through the HWCOE Electronic Delivery of Gator Engineering (EDGE) program.
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EGS 4680 / EGS 6681 – Advanced Engineering Leadership Development – 3 credits
Further, developing the leadership framework and capabilities; involves a case study-based instructional approach that reviews and applies strategic leadership concepts and knowledge critical to the success of engineering-based companies that operate in a highly uncertain and volatile business environment.
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EGN 6933 Special Topics – Engineers and Public Policy – 3 credits
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of public policy, its basic theories and definitions, its practical application, and the processes of policymaking and policy analysis. The course helps the engineer develop into a societal change-maker along several dimensions, including public safety, environment, public health, and leadership.

EGS 4034 – Engineering Ethics and Professionalism – 1 credit
This course provides students with an interactive study of ethical theory and the development of professionalism. Students review case studies of ethical conflicts in engineering practice. The course covers engineering codes of ethics and requires students to resolve theoretical situations through the application of ethical codes.

EGS 4034 – UF Online Program – Engineering Ethics and Professionalism – 1 credit
This online course covers the same content as EGS 4034 but with assignments adapted more for HWCOE students completing their undergraduate computer science degree through the UF Online Program.

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EGS 4625 / EGS 6626 – Fundamentals of Engineering Project Management – 3 credits
This course provides a comprehensive understanding of how to plan, optimize, and efficiently manage projects (or tasks) to implement products, services, or developments. Includes building the structure, processes, components, and linkages with a team for successful project delivery within schedule, budget, and quality requirements.

EGS 6628 – Advanced Practices in Engineering Project Management – 3 credits
Advanced Practices in Engineering Project Management expands on foundational project management practices for graduate students to include complex as well as new project delivery concepts. Topics include project acquisition, negotiation skills; advanced risk planning and management; program management; project life cycle models and their applicability; and diagnostics and remedies for problem projects.
Pre-requisite: EGS 6626 – Fundamentals of Engineering Project Management

EMA 6936 – Seminar for the Development of Engineering Faculty ( listed under Materials Science and Engineering) – 1 credit
This 1-credit course is offered in conjunction with the Florida Institute for the Development of Engineering Faculty.  The course provides graduate students with a clear understanding of their career options in academia. Student learning outcomes include increased awareness of the qualifications academic institutions seek in hiring new faculty, as well as knowledge of the requirements for tenure and promotion at these institutions. Course outcomes include the enhanced placement of Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering graduates as tenure track faculty in academic institutions.


Interested students can contact Bill McElroy, Associate Director of Engineering Leadership Institute, at for further information.

Fast facts
  • Graduate Courses (6000-levels) can be taken online by distance-learning graduate students via UF EDGE.
  • Unless otherwise noted, courses are listed under Engineering-General and are open to all engineering students from any discipline.
  • Current course schedules, deadlines, and other information are available via the University Registrar.
  • Questions regarding how these courses may satisfy a student’s major requirements should be addressed with an advisor in the student’s home department.