Undergraduate Certificates

Students should discuss plans to earn undergraduate certificates with their department academic advisors. Courses are available to juniors and seniors. A student pursuing an undergraduate certificate must receive a “B” or better in all the required courses.

Engineering Leadership Certificate



EGS 4038 – Engineering Leadership – 3 credits
EGS 4680 – Advanced Engineering Leadership Development – 3 credits *

And one of the following:

  • EGS 4625 – Fundamentals of Engineering Project Management – 3 credits
  • EGN 4641 – Engineering Entrepreneurship – 3 credits
  • EGN 4643 – Engineering Innovation – 3 credits

*EGS 4038 or instructor approval is a prerequisite.



Engineering Project Management Certificate



EGS 4625 – Fundamentals of Engineering Project Management – 3 credits
EIN 3354 – Engineering Economy – 3 credits – Or one of the following

  • EIN 3354 – Engineering Economy – 3 credits
  • ECH 4604 – Process Economics and Optimization – 3 credits *
  • ENV 4601 – Environmental Resource Management – 3 credits *

** – Students in the chemical and environmental engineering departments should coordinate the timing for these course registrations with their advisors. A 3-credit hour version of the course is needed to complete the certificate requirements.

And one of the following (depending on the student’s department)

  • EGS 4619 – Agile Project Management for Engineers & Scientists – 3 credits
  • CGN 4160 – Civil Engineering Practice – 3 credits
  • CGN 4600 – Public Works Engineering and Management Practices – 3 credits
  • ECH 4644 – Process Design – 3 credits
  • EEL 3923C – Electrical Engineering Design 1 – 3 credits
  • EIN 4210 – Occupational Safety Engineering – 3 credits
  • EML 4601 – Heating and Air Conditioning System Design – 3 credits
  • EGN 4952 – Integrated Product and Process Design 2 – 3 credits
  • ENU 4192 – Nuclear and Radiological Engineering Design – 3 credits

Plus, completion of an assessment as discussed further below.




At UF, the application process for all certificates is the same and is similar to applying for degree programs.

Undergraduate students may apply for the certificate through the University of Florida Office of Admissions page by scrolling to the bottom and selecting the Currently Enrolled App button.

Students should preferably apply for admission to a certificate program before taking the first prerequisite course. Still, they can transfer a course if it was taken within a year before admission. When applying for a certificate, students must select their intended start year for the certificate program. This should be the semester/year in which a student applies for the certificate program and NOT the projected semester/year the student expects to graduate with the certificate. Correcting this entry is essential to avoid administrative issues when applying for the certificate through the One.UF system.

Students admitted to a certificate program should apply to receive their certificate through One.UF at the beginning of the semester in which they intend to graduate. Students can opt to request the award of a completed certificate in advance of receiving their degree.


Beginning Fall 2022 semester, all students seeking an undergraduate engineering project management certificate award must complete an assessment at the end of the semester. This requirement is by the approved academic assessment plan for the certificate. Completion of the evaluation will be part of the certification audit process.

The assessment involves answering general questions from the two required courses to complete the certificate. These courses are EGS4625 Fundamentals of Engineering Project Management and either ENV4601 Environmental Resource Management (specifically for certificate-seeking students in the Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences) or EIN3354 Engineering Economy (for certificate-seeking students in all other departments).

Students requesting an award of the certificate through the One.UF system at the end of a semester will be added to a Canvas course site where the assessment will be available. NOTE: The assessment must be completed at least one week before the official end of each semester to accommodate the certification audit process and ensure that the certificate is awarded on time.


For additional questions about course content or certificate requirements, contact:

Bill McElroy, P.E. (FL)
Instructional Professor
Associate Director, Engineering Leadership Institute