Certificates in Engineering Leadership are available to both undergraduate and graduate engineering students who complete 9 credit-hours of specific elective courses offered through the Engineering Leadership Institute (ELI), and in some cases the Engineering Innovation Institute (EII).

Coursework for the certificate is developed with input from top industry, military and public leaders, to determine which skills and virtues are most critical in preparing for leadership roles in engineering careers. After successfully completing requirements, student transcripts will reflect award of the certificate.

Application process

Undergraduate and graduate students may apply for the certificate through the University of Florida Office of Admissions.

At UF, the process for all certificates is the same, and very similar to that for degree programs. Students should apply for admission to the certificate before taking the first prerequisite course but can transfer a course if it was taken before being admitted to the certificate. Admitted students can apply to receive the certificate at the outset of their last semester.

Contact information

For additional questions about course content or certificate requirements, contact Bill McElroy, assistant director of the Engineering Leadership Institute, at mcelrowj@eng.ufl.edu.