The Customizer is where you can change many of your site settings. To view the Customizer, visit your site dashboard and choose Appearance > Customize from the menu.

The Customizer gives you access to the following areas.

Site Identity

  • Change the site title and tagline
  • Add a footer image, if a different image from the site logo is desired in the footer
  • Add up to 2 optional offsite links that appear in the header (e.g. for your unit’s parent organizations)
  • Add a site icon

Alternate Logo Section

  • Select “Display Alternate Logo” if you want to have text (such as your site title) display alongside a smaller logo image
  • The UF monogram displays in this space by default unless another image is uploaded.

Social Media

  • Enter your unit’s social media URLs. Leave blank to disable display of that logo/link.
  • Social media account links will display in the site footer.



  • Create widgets and choose where they display. (Most widget settings are not enabled in the Customizer.)

Homepage Settings

  • Choose which pages you want to display as your home page and posts page.
  • NOTE: Choosing “Latest Posts” to display on your homepage may have unexpected results. It’s better to apply the News Template page template to a certain page, then designate that as your homepage.

Additional CSS

  • To add your own CSS styles to augment or override theme styles, choose Customize > Additional CSS.