Bioelectronics for Pain and Addiction

August 19 – 20, 2021

NIMET is teaming with the MIST Center to co-sponsor an ULTIMATE Symposium, that brings together academic, government, and industrial thought leaders to discuss advancements in bioelectronics for pain and substance use disorder.

More than 25 million Americans suffer from daily chronic pain which can result in an overreliance in the use of opioids for relief from chronic pain despite their poor ability to improve function. This has contributed to a significant and alarming epidemic of opioid overdose deaths and addictions. Innovative scientific solutions to develop alternative treatment options are thus critically needed.

Bioelectronics technologies can play a vital role in both in vitro and in vivo solutions that better recapitulate human pathophysiology of chronic and development of nonadditive therapeutics for treatment of pain.

This symposium, sponsored by the Nanoscience Institute for Medical and Engineering Technology (NIMET) and the NanoBioSensors and Systems at UCF, will feature talks from experts in academia and industry that are at the forefront of this highly interdisciplinary area.



Invited Speakers​

Alejandro Covalin, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer
Spark Biomedical
Meaghan Creed, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator for Creed Lab
Washington University in St. Louis
 Lee Fisher, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of Pittsburgh
Michael Gold, Ph.D.
Professor of Neurobiology
University of Pittsburgh

Philipp Gutruf, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineer
University of Arizona

Colleen Ann Hanlon, Ph.D.
Professor, Cancer Biology
Wake Forest School of Medicine

Bin He, Ph.D.
Trustee Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Neuroscience Institute
Carnegie Mellon University

James “J.” Hickman, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist
Hesperos, Inc.

Lucie A. Low, Ph.D.
Scientific Program Manager, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences
National Institutes of Health

Jan Müller, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer
Maxwell Biosystems
Lawrence Poree, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Director, Neuromodulation Service, Division of Pain Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
Ali Rezai, M.D.
Director, Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute; Associate Dean; John D. Rockefeller IV Tenured Professor in Neuroscience
West Virginia University School of Medicine

Jeff Rogers, Ph.D.
Global Research Leader for Digital Health

Mary M Torregrossa, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
University of Pittsburgh




Day 1 – August 19, 2021 –  Bioelectronics for Pain
Day 2 – August 20, 2021 – Bioelectronics for Neuromodulation for Substance-Use Disorder (SUD)


Session Chairs

Jack Judy

Professor, University of Florida

Swaminathan Rajaramon

Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida