NanoFlorida Conference

NanoFlorida Conference

NanoFlorida is an annual meeting designed for all young scientists in the field of nanotechnology and its applications. The meeting location rotates between the major universities in Florida involved in nanotechnology research. It provides attendees with:

  • a broader and deeper perspective on the cutting-edge nanotechnology research active across Florida
  • an opportunity to improve their skills with presenting technical information effectively
  • a chance to build their scientific and profession social network


  • This year’s meeting is scheduled for Oct 6-7.
  • Abstract submission is due Sept 5th.
  • NIMET and the National Science Foundation are providing sponsorship to cover much if not all of the cost of UF-student participation.


In 2017 NanoFlorida was held at Florida International University. It was a very good meeting that featured several NIMET faculty as keynote speakers and a number of NIMET students gave excellent oral and poster presentations. In fact, one NIMET student won first place for oral presentation. To learn more about NanoFlorida 2017 and UF involvement in it, including photos, a list of UF participants, and talk titles, check out our NanoFlorida 2017 page.