NanoDay 2022

NanoDay 2022

National Nanotechnology Day (NanoDay) is a time to celebrate nanoscale engineering, science, and technology, to recognize researchers advancing the field, to applaud innovators translating outcomes into valuable products and services, and to increase understanding for its potential to positively impact lives. Each year the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Student Club (NNSC) and NIMET faculty, staff and students organize a series of stimulating, educational, fun, and social events that take place on NanoDay.

NanoDay Activities:

This year NanoDay will be held in the lobby of the Nanoscale Research Facility (1041 Center Drive). Since this year NanoDay (Oct 9th) lands on Homecoming Weekend, the NanoDay events will occur on Nov 1st, 2022. The original date was shifted back due to hurricane Ian and scheduling availability. A detailed schedule is available.

Tuesday, Nov 1st (New Date!)

NanoDay 2022 will feature the following activities in the Nanoscale Research Facility (1041 Center Drive):

  • Nanotech Industry Panel
  • Presentations by Leading UF Nanotech Researchers
  • Nanotech Research Showcase¬†¬†(Poster Session, Keynote, Selected Student Presentations)
  • Nanoscale Image Contest
  • Best-Poster Awards

The Research Service Center (RSC) will also hold an Open House in the morning that features:

Topics of interest at the research showcase include:

Nano-Agriculture Nano-Environmental Nano-Medicine
Nano-Biology Nano-Fluidics Nano-Particles
Nano-Chemistry Nano-Materials Nano-Photonics
Nano-Electronics Nano-Mechanics Nano-Education/Ethics

We highly encourage all UF students, staff, and faculty engaged in research at the nanoscale to contribute to the research showcase. To reserve a poster board, please be advised of the following important dates:

Submit an Abstract today!

The submission of a poster file will enable it to be added to the poster-session webpage, along with the author photos, names, title, and abstract. Presenters that do not wish to share their poster online due to pre-publication concerns or other reasons are not required to upload an poster file.

  • Poster File Submission (guidelines and form – TBA) – Wednesday, October 26(midnight)

If you have an amazing, mysterious, or funny image of something at the nanoscale or microscale (or is at least related to research at the nanoscale), please consider submitting it to our image contest!

  • Image Contest (guidelines and form – TBA) – Friday, October 28

Register for NanoDay:

  • Register for NanoDay (form) – Thursday, October 27 (midnight)

Students, Join NNC!

We encourage all undergraduate and graduate students interested in NanoDay to join the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Club (NNC)JOIN HERE

We look forward to seeing many of you at this great annual event and hope you will encourage your peers and colleagues to participate in this celebration of UF nanoscale science, engineering, and technology research activities and resources.

NanoDay 2021 Group Photo

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