Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Club (NNC) is a student-run organization developed to enhance knowledge in the areas of nanotechnology and nanoscience. We encourage the participation of students from all disciplines and backgrounds. Every year we hold Nanoday to celebrate nanoscale engineering, science, and technology, to recognize researchers advancing the field, to applaud innovators translating outcomes into valuable products and services, and to increase understanding of its potential to positively impact lives. 


Nano-Chemistry Study of nanoscale molecule interactions. Research aims to discover new properties only possible through nanoscale manipulation of compounds.
Nano-Medicine Nanotechnology for clinical use. This discipline includes nanomedicine distribution and pharmacodynamics.
Nano-Enabled Agriculture Nanotechnology that aims to improve crop yields. Diagnosing plant diseases, agrochemical creation, and genetic engineering are a few of the applications.
Nano-Physics Distinct phenomena occurs on the nano-level. Some of the exciting developments include inventing the scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) technique and discovering carbon nanotubes.
Nano-Photonics Nanotechnology that investigates how light behaves. It is a branch of electrical and optical engineering.
Nano-Fluidics Study of fluid transport on the nanometer scale. This transport includes the ions and molecules confined in the nanometer scale.
Nano-Materials Research focuses on practical applications of nanoscale material manipulation. Is interdisciplinary with many of the other disciplines in this table.
Nano-Electronics Research of electrical components and how to improve them. Quantum mechanics significantly affect the innerworkings of nanoscale electrical components.
Nano-Mechanics The study of physical systems on a nanometer scale. Some fields include nanomaterials, nanotribology, nano-fluidics, and nanoelectromechanical  systems (NEMS).



Sarah Stenberg (she/her)


Bio: Sarah is a third-year Biomedical Engineering major. She has an interest in biomechanics and is involved in Emerging Tech’s R&D Healthcare Cybersecurity project.

David Anguelov (he/him)

Vice President

Bio: David is a Chemical Engineering major. He is interested in process engineering and materials science. He also likes to create works of art, play tennis, and rollerblade in his free time.

Cong Sun (she/her)

Bio: Cong is a Chemical Engineering masters student. She has an interest in NanoMaterials and NanoMedicine. She also loves painting, hiking and volunteering with animals.

Chenlu Yang (she/her)

Bio: Chenlu obtained her bachelor’s degree in chemistry with honors at Wuhan University, P.R. China. In Spring 2023 she will be a third-year PhD student. In her spare time, she loves reading Chinese & western historic books and is a big fan of Schrodinger! She also loves to travel.

Manasa Addagarla (she/her)

Head of Marketing

Bio: Coming Soon!

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