Nano-Trivia Session   –  Zoom: Link

Get ready to have fun while learning about nano-science and nanotechnology!

For this event, you do not need to download an app, just scan the QR-Code with your phone camera or join us in your browser to participate!

We will be using Slido, for more information you can click here

During the trivia session everyone will be randomly separated into breakout rooms with a NNSC moderator.

Each group will decide on a team name, discuss each of the 10 questions as they come up, and try to agree on the correct answers.

Although the moderators will record the team choices, everyone will be able to compete independently as well.

We will have questions on nanosystems, lab safety, COVID-19, diversity, and more!

Once the quiz is over, we will display a leaderboard and determine the winning team and individual!