Poster Session 2

Poster Session 2

Poster Session 2 (4:25 – 5:10 PM)  –  Next Event: Nano Trivia Contest

Surface Engineered Si Nanoparticles with Increased Mechanical, Electrochemical Stability as Anode for Li-ion Battery

Authors: Utkarsh Ahuja, Bo Wang, Pu Hu, and Katerina Aifantis
Mentor: Katerina Aifantis, Ph.D.
Nano-Chemistry, Nano-Mechanics, Nano-Particles
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Predicting Axon Recruitment for Different Microelectrode Geometries

Authors: Carson Allen, Jack Judy, and Erin Patrick
Mentor: Erin Patrick, Ph.D.
 Nano-Biology, Nano-Medicine
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Study of Metal Organic Framework (MOF) Crystallization Under Hydrothermal Conditions

Authors: Andrew Garcia, Janani Sampath, Sergey Vasenkov, and Kirk Ziegler
Mentor: Kirk Ziegler, Ph.D.
Nano-Chemistry, Nano-Materials
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Assessing the Electrical Isolation Performance of Microgaskets for Miniature High-Channel-Density Neural-Implant Connectors

Authors: Ladan Jiracek, Paritosh Rustogi, and Jack Judy
Mentor: First Last Name, Ph.D.
Nano-Medicine, Nano-Materials, Nano-mechanics, Nano-Electronics
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Ion-Exchange Selectivity of Polycarbonate Nanopore Membranes

Authors: Jay Ken, Stevie Bush, Charles Martin
Mentor: Charles Martin, Ph.D.
o-fluidics, Nano-Chemistry
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Temperature Dependence of Multimode Operations in Gallium Nitride / Aluminum Nitride (GaN/AlN) Nanomechanical Resonators

Authors: Wen Sui, Xu-Qian Zheng, Philip Feng
Mentor: Philip Feng, Ph.D.
Nano-mechanics, Nano-Materials
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A High-density and Dual-frequency pMUT Array based on Thin Ceramic PZT for Endoscopic Photoacoustic Imaging

Authors: Haoran Wang, Philip X.-L. Feng, Huikai Xie
Mentor: Philip Feng, Ph.D.
Nano-mechanics, Nano-Photonics, Nano-Medicine
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Electromechanical Coupling and Motion Transduction in β-Ga2O3 Vibrating Channel Transistors

Authors: Xu-Qian Zheng and Philip Feng
Mentor: Philip Feng, Ph.D.
Nano-electronics, Nano-mechanics
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Semiconductor Career Readiness Organization (SCRO)

Authors: Hunter Long, Guruprasad Jayachandran, Erika Monte, John Langhout, Collin Buckhannon, and Brent Gila
Mentor: Brent Gila, Ph.D.
Semiconductor Career Readiness Organization (SCRO)
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