NanoDay 2021

NanoDay 2021

National Nanotechnology Day (NanoDay) is a time to celebrate nanoscale engineering, science, and technology, to recognize researchers advancing the field, to applaud innovators translating outcomes into valuable products and services, and to increase understanding for its potential to positively impact lives. Each year NIMET faculty, staff and students organize a series of stimulating, educational, fun, and social events that take place on NanoDay. This year NanoDay will take place on October 11th & 12th, 2021.

Topics of interest at this meeting include:

Nano-Agriculture Nano-Environmental Nano-Medicine
Nano-Biology Nano-Fluidics Nano-Particles
Nano-Chemistry Nano-Materials Nano-Photonics
Nano-Electronics Nano-Mechanics Nano-Education/Nano-Ethics

NanoDay Activities:

This year NanoDay will be split over two days and will include both in-person and virtual events. The first day will be the Research Symposium and the second day will be the Open House for the Research Service Centers. Features events include:

Features Events:

  • Nanotech Industry Panel (List of Speakers)
  • Live Virtual Tours of the RSC
  • Nanotech Research Showcase¬† (Poster Session)
  • Instrumentation Webinars and Virtual Demonstrations
  • Nanoscale Image Contest
  • Best-Power Awards

To participate, please be advised of the following important dates:

  • Poster Abstract Submission (guidelines and form) – Tuesday, October 5 (midnight)
  • Poster File Submission (guidelines and form) – Wednesday, October 6 (midnight)
  • Poster Presentation Video Submission (guidelines and form) – Thursday, October 7 (midnight)
  • Image Contest (guidelines and form) – Friday, October 8

This event has concluded. Thank you to all who participated!

We encourage all undergraduate and graduate students interested in NanoDay to join the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Student Council (NNSC)JOIN HERE

We look forward to seeing many of you at this great annual event and hope you will encourage your peers and colleagues to participate in this celebration of UF nanoscale science, engineering, and technology research activities and resources.

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