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The Engineering Innovation Institute (EII) is instilling a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in students through experiential and curricular-based education that focuses on delivering key creativity, innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship skill sets to distinguish and prepare Gator Engineers to assume innovation leadership roles in their professional careers.


The Institute provides opportunities for innovation education to all engineering undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty through seminar series, workshops, courses in innovation and entrepreneurship, an entrepreneur-in-residence program, and a faculty program aimed at engaging industry leaders.

The Institute’s leadership and innovation curriculum focus on providing students with Foundational Leadership and Innovation Skills through the following courses that are offered to graduate and undergraduate engineering students.

The Engineering Innovation Institute offers an Engineering Innovation Certificate for graduate engineering students by taking a combination of courses below.

It is intended that all courses below are offered each fall and spring semester and may also be offered summer C semester. For specific course times, please see the UF Course Listings. Course Summaries are provided for each course to provide information for students to make informed decisions on taking these courses but do not replace the Syllabus that will be presented in-class at the beginning of each course.

Courses offered through the Engineering Innovation and Engineering Leadership Institutes are listed below.

Unless otherwise noted, courses are listed under Engineering-General and are open to all engineering students from any discipline. Questions regarding how these courses may satisfy a student’s major requirements should be addressed with the student’s home department.

Engineering Innovation Institute Courses:

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Engineering Leadership Institute Courses:

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* Available Fall 2017 semester. Permanent course numbers EGS 4627 / EGS 6627 have been requested.

Interested students can contact Lawrence Tinker for further information.