Innovation Fellows

The UF Innovation Fellows Program is a unique, real-world entrepreneurial program jointly offered by the UF Engineering Innovation Institute and the College of Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center. 

The multidisciplinary team-based program provides select undergraduates from across campus, mentored by entrepreneurs and innovators, with the foundation for working on technology project teams in preparation for life beyond UF. The Innovation Fellows Program welcomes undergraduate student applicants from colleges across UF who want to work in multi-disciplinary teams to explore entrepreneurial (or intrapreneurial) projects provided and mentored by successful entrepreneurs and innovation pioneers. Students will progress through customer discovery and feedback analysis, explore product-market fit strategies, and develop overall project summaries and paths forward based on their findings. 

The Innovation Fellows program launched in the Fall Semester of 2018, and over the past four years, student participants have come not only from Engineering and Business but also from Arts, Agricultural and Life Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Medicine, further enhancing the multi-disciplinary learning experience for all. 


Innovation Fellows Coordinator

Hailee Belcher, 4th-year Geology


Student Inspired, Student Driven Innovation