Creativity for Engineers

Creativity for Engineers is designed to facilitate synergy between these two seemingly distinct disciplines, fostering a creative mindset among engineering students and encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration. The program aims to establish “creative collision” settings that inspire creativity in all disciplines, facilitate new forms of problem-solving and idea formulation, and contribute to cultivating creativity amongst engineering students and faculty. This program encourages participants to break free from traditional silos and embrace a holistic approach that not only enhances their technical skills but also nurtures their artistic sensibilities.

Through workshops, seminars, and hands-on experiences, students from across campus (e.g., engineering, arts, medicine, business, social sciences) are brought together to develop skills in artistic expression, critical thinking, divergent thinking, and problem-solving, enhancing their ability to approach engineering challenges with a fresh and innovative mindset. By infusing creativity, innovation, collaboration, and empathy into academic life, the program enhances the overall educational experience for students across disciplines by preparing them to become adaptable, forward-thinking professionals who can navigate complex challenges and drive positive change in their respective fields.


Creativity for Engineers Coordinator

Steven Miltenberger, 5th-year Computer Science


Student Inspired, Student Driven Innovation