The Spark program leverages co-curricular student startup programming with a brand new, world-class student startup facility in Malachowsky Hall (Spark Studio) designed to provide a supportive environment where aspiring student entrepreneurs can develop their ideas, refine their business models, and gain the resources and mentorship necessary to launch and grow their ventures. UF student entrepreneurs will have access to EII’s network of experienced mentors and industry professionals, a dedicated collaboration workspace, and specially tailored educational resources. Mentors and industry professionals offer expertise in business development, marketing, finance, and technology, helping students refine their business strategies and make informed decisions. Regularly scheduled events, pitch competitions, and networking sessions connect students with potential investors, industry professionals, and alumni entrepreneurs, allowing for valuable connections and expanding their entrepreneurial networks. These events provide invaluable exposure, feedback, and potential investment opportunities for the startups.

Spark Studio includes dedicated workspaces, meeting rooms, and shared resources to facilitate collaboration and growth. Students will have access to training programs, workshops, and educational resources covering business planning, market research, product development, intellectual property, and fundraising strategies. Accompanied by these materials, students will receive mentorship and guidance to prepare and refine their pitch desks, navigate the funding landscape, and successfully scale their business venture. Importantly, student startups will be tracked along their entrepreneurial journey to ensure the most efficient and effective program resources and contacts are provided timely.


Spark Coordinator

Grace Tran Headshot

Grace Tran, 2nd-year Mechanical Engineering


Guy Nativ 3rd-year, Business Administration and Finance


Student Inspired, Student Driven Innovation