Outreach and Alumni Engagement

This program strives to create meaningful connections between current students, alumni, and the wider community, fostering a vibrant network of innovation enthusiasts. By bridging the gap broadly across sister UF programs (e.g., College of the Arts / Center for Arts, Migration, and Entrepreneurship; College of Business / Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center; UF Entrepreneurship Collective) and between past and present Gators and other supporters, IGNITE aims to leverage the rich expertise and resources of alumni, while also enabling students to gain practical experience and make meaningful contributions to the entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial ecosystems.

The IGNITE alumni and community engagement program is designed to be a multifaceted and inclusive endeavor. Through a series of interactive events, workshops, and mentorship programs, students will have the opportunity to connect with accomplished alumni and other supporters who have excelled in various industries and domains. These engagements not only inspire students with success stories but also provide invaluable guidance and insights into professional development and career pathways.
Furthermore, IGNITE’s program aims to extend its reach beyond the campus boundaries and actively engage with the local, statewide, and national entrepreneurial ecosystems. By partnering with private sector organizations, IGNITE seeks to leverage the collective power of students and alumni to drive positive change in society. Collaborative initiatives such as social impact projects and entrepreneurship discovery projects will empower students to apply their innovative thinking to real-world challenges, making a tangible difference and strengthening the bond between the university and the communities it serves.


Outreach and Alumni Engagement Coordinator

Gabriel Bendix, 3rd-year, Computer Engineering
Email: igniteoutreach@eng.ufl.edu


Student Inspired, Student Driven Innovation