Course Mentors

The Course Mentors program harnesses the knowledge and expertise of top students from the Engineering Innovation Institute courses to serve as mentors for their peers every day in the classroom and the EII co-curricular programs. The program’s primary objective is to create a supportive and engaging learning environment where students can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of their peers. By leveraging the skills and experiences of high-achieving students, the program seeks to enhance the overall educational experience and improve student outcomes.

One of the key responsibilities of the Course Mentors is to actively engage with their peers and address their questions and inquiries. They create an inclusive and collaborative learning environment, encouraging open discussions and fostering a sense of camaraderie among students. This personalized approach to mentoring allows for a deeper understanding of the subject matter and promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In addition to their direct involvement with students in the EII courses and co-curricular programs, the peer mentors collaborate with the faculty instructional team. They contribute their subject matter expertise during instructional sessions, help design course materials, and provide feedback on curriculum development.

This collaborative approach strengthens the connection between students and instructors, promoting a more inclusive and interactive learning environment.
Overall, the Course Mentors program empowers students to participate in their education actively. This program recognizes the immense potential of student-to-student learning and establishes a framework where accomplished students can contribute to the growth and success of their classmates. It encourages the development of leadership skills, fosters a sense of community, and cultivates a culture of knowledge-sharing and innovation. By empowering students to take on mentorship roles, the program cultivates a culture of innovation, excellence, and continuous improvement within the Engineering Innovation Institute courses.

Current Course Mentors

  • Camila Del Sol Pina
  • Tomas Duque
  • Joseph Bongiorno
  • Emmalee Brown
  • Grace Peters

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