NanoDay Poster 2020 – Beatriz Jimenez

Microfabricated Electropermanent Magnets Using AlNiCo and CoPt

Beatriz Jimenez (LinkedIn)

Authors: Beatriz Jimenez, Yuzheng Wang, and David Arnold

Faculty Mentor: David Arnold, PhD

College: College of Engineering

Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering


This work demonstrates the fabrication and application of externally switchable electropermanent magnets (EPMs) with a thickness between 60-80┬Ám. The EPM consists of two microfabricated layers: electroplated cobalt platinum (CoPt) as the hard magnet and screen-printed aluminum-nickel-cobalt (AlNiCo) particles as the soft magnet. The magnetic characteristics of the EPM were optimized to achieve the desired ON/OFF property by varying the volume ratio of each layer. A demonstration showcasing the magnetic controllability and functionality of the EPMs was performed using a lab-built driving and pulsing coil test setup.


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