Dropping a Class

Drop Policy

Students are allowed two “free” drops in the first 60 hours of enrollment, and two additional “free” drops after 60 hours. All drops must be approved by your academic advisor.

Students who come in with accelerated credits from AP, IB or Dual Enrollment should know that these credits do not count toward your first 6- hour drop unless you have been admitted as a transfer student. This has special implications for HS/AA students.

If you are a high school AA degree student who has been admitted as a transfer student, then you have only two “free drops” allowed.

“Free drops”  only means that you can elect to drop a course without penalty toward your degree program. You should always discuss the implications of dropping a course with your advisor. You will still be fee liable for dropped courses, and it is YOUR responsibility to know the requirements of any scholarships you have, including Bright Futures. Most course drops require repayment to Bright Futures and may require repayment to other programs. Please check with Financial Aid if you have concerns. Your academic advisor may be able to assist you with some financial issues, but Financial Aid is generally between you and Student Financial Affairs.

Extra Drops

Students may be eligible for additional drops under certain circumstances. If documentable extenuating circumstances have impeded your academic progress, the College can approve an extra drop if you have departmental support for your request; Do not take a failing grade simply because you have used your drops. If you have a legitimate reason for an extra drop, your academic advisor can assist you.

Dropping a course after the drop deadline

Under some circumstances that are beyond a student’s control, it may be possible to drop a a course after the deadline in fall and spring semesters only. These drops can only be approved with the support of your department. Please meet with your advisor to discuss extenuating circumstances.

15 hour 7 week Rule

Engineering students who begin a semester with n initial course load of 15 credits or more will be permitted an extra drop if the drop is completed by the end of the seventh week of class and if the total credits remaining are 12 or more. Critical tracking classes dropped under this rule still count as an attempt. You are still fee liable for dropped courses.

Full semester withdrawal

Any UF student can choose to withdraw for any semester at any time before the drop deadline. College policy allows up to two full semester withdrawals before the drop deadline. Students who need more that two full semester withdrawals must meet with their academic advisor to create a semester by semester plan toward graduation.