International Engineering

International Engineering

The International Engineering Programs provides students with an opportunity to learn beyond the classroom. Immersion in a foreign country offers a chance for students to gain exciting and new knowledge, resulting in a life-changing experience and valuable professional skills. Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering is also home to the largest number of international students at UF and we wish to promote cross-cultural interactions among students of all nationalities and background.

Future employers are looking for engineers who can differentiate themselves not just in terms of knowledge and skills, but also the ability to relate the knowledge in a global setting. Having an international experience gives Gator Engineers the edge to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive environment. It also allows for personal growth and the capability to communicate with people from all cultures. Global competency is essential for engineers from any country who now compete in an international market for engineering know-how. 

Gator Engineers Abroad

International opportunities for engineering students are not limited to traditional study abroad experiences. Different types of international programs give students the opportunity to use their own strengths and interests to gain insight into the global nature of engineering. 

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