HWCOE Undergraduate Scholarship FAQS

HWCOE Undergraduate Scholarship FAQS

When is the last day I can apply for a College of Engineering Scholarship?

Answer: December 14, 2023 at Midnight EST

How and when are the scholarship funds distributed?  

Answer:  Scholarship recipients will be notified that they have been selected for a scholarship by the end of July 2024.  Recipients will receive installment of the scholarship in the Fall 2024 term after drop-add so that verification of your full-time status by our UF Student Financial Affairs office is possible.  Most of the scholarships total to $1000.

Can I apply if I am a freshman or sophomore?  

Answer:  Yes.  This program is open to all engineering students, including undecided engineering majors. 

Can I apply if the Fall 2024 term is my last semester?  

Answer:  Yes. You will be eligible to receive one-half of a typical scholarship of $1000. You are responsible for letting Brittany Zabel (zabel.brittany@ufl.edu) know that you will be graduating in December 2024.  Please note that you will be eligible for a scholarship in your last semester even if you are taking fewer than 12 credit hours.  There are other legitimate reasons for being eligible for a scholarship if it is not your last semester but you are taking fewer than 12 credit hours.  However, you must inform Brittany Zabel (zabel.brittany@ufl.edu) of your situation for approval of eligibility.    

Can I apply if I am a first-semester freshman or transfer student at the time of application?  

Answer:  Yes.  We will use your cumulative and critical tracking GPA to date, along with other factors requested of you on the application, as part of the selection criteria. 

Can I apply if I am in the 4/1 Program and am taking graduate credit hours?  

Answer:  Yes.  As long as the student is still working towards a B.S. degree and is full time (taking a minimum of 12 credit hours/semester), s/he is eligible. 

Where do these funds come from?  

Answer:  These scholarships are provided by very generous donations from companies and individuals.  This program distributes multiple scholarships, and the beauty is that students need to apply only once to be considered for a large number of different scholarships. 

Can one student receive more than one scholarship in the same year through this program?  

Answer:  No.  A student selected for a scholarship will be provided only one scholarship for any given year.

Can a student apply for a HWCOE Undergraduate Scholarship in subsequent years?  

Answer:  Yes.  As long as the student will be enrolled in the fall or fall and spring of the following year and considered full time (a minimum of 12 credit hours), s/he can apply for a scholarship. 

Are these scholarships need-based?  

Answer:  Some of them are.  Students are ranked by their department based on GPA values, level of extracurricular activities, and other indicators of potential for success in the remainder of their studies and as practicing engineers.  In some of the scholarships, certain specific criteria established by the donor must also be satisfied.

Can I receive scholarship funds if I co-op or Intern for a company off-campus?  

Answer:  You will receive funds only when enrolled full-time on campus.  For example, if you pursue a co-op opportunity in the Fall 2024 term, the installment will be deferred to you until the next term you are enrolled full-time on campus.  If you are participating in a co-op during both the Fall and Spring terms, the full amount of your scholarship will be provided to you during the next term you are on campus enrolled as a full-time student.  If you are planning to be off campus to pursue an internship or co-op experience, you must inform Brittany Zabel (zabel.brittany@ufl.edu) so that arrangements can be made to disburse the funds upon your return.  If you do not inform her, those funds will not be provided to you!