STEPUP Program Structure

STEPUP Program Structure



STEPUP has two major components.  A six-week summer component and an eight-month, non-residential component during the fall and spring semesters of the freshman year. 

Six-Week Summer Program Structure:

The six-week summer component has two levels. Both allow the student to tailor their summer STEPUP experience to fit their individual academic needs. The levels are:

Option I:  The STEPUP Experience (Traditional)

The traditional STEPUP experience is designed to build a strong freshman student cohort with program participants that will last throughout their undergraduate experience at UF.  Students choose their summer schedules from an array of program workshops and classes, attend networking events with faculty and corporate speakers, attend onsite tours to engineering facilities, as well as, other academic, professional, and personal development activities/events throughout the summer and fall/spring semesters.  The full STEPUP summer experience includes:

Option II:  The STEPUP Hybrid-Experience (New initiative)

The STEPUP Hybrid-Experience allows the student to customize their summer schedule to include UF summer classes that are not part of the STEPUP program. HWCOE will cover costs associated with STEPUP courses and workshops. 


Sample list of classes, workshops & activities: 

Important Dates

Orientation TBD
First Day of Classes June 27, 2022
Last Day of Class August 5, 2022


Program Fees

  • STEPUP Experience An application fee of $500.00 will be required for program participants “AFTER” they have been officially admitted into the STEPUP program 
  • Hybrid-Model – Students participating in the hybrid model will not be required to pay an application fee. 

Classes, Books, Etc.

  • Books – Summer – TBD.
  • All Fall/Spring tuition, fees, books, etc., are to be covered by the student.