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  • Before making a decision in which program you should participate, it is important to consider what type of program would fit you best. Each type of program has certain facets that make it different from other programs.

    Below are some of the things that most students look for when choosing a program:

    Location and language requirements

    • Where do you want to go? Do you want to take classes in English or the local language? 

    Dates and Duration of the Program

    • Fall, Spring, Spring Break, Summer A/B/C 
    • Check for conflicts with internships, research, family commitment, athletic commitment, scholarship requirements

    Education Aspects

    • Major classes, minor classes, technical electives, general education classes, language classes

    Independent vs. Group Setting

    • A UF exchange student is often the only UF student participating in that exchange for that semester and provides a full immersion experience
    • A UF Sponsored Program in the summer is led by a UF Faculty and provides an all-inclusive experience for a group of UF students
    • Non-UF programs can be independent or group programs 


    • It is important to know what your program fee includes prior to making a decision on your program as most programs will vary in price based on length, the number of courses, housing, insurance, etc.

    Housing, Excursions, Meals, etc.

    • Some programs will include many other things beyond your course fees.  Make sure to examine the cost breakdown to see what all is included in your program fee and know what you may have to arrange on your own

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