Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


When can I apply for the STEPUP bridge program?
The application for the program opens on March 2, 2020 and closes on June 1, 2020.

Who can apply to participate in the Summer Bridge programs?
Any/all students officially admitted into the University of Florida and intending to pursue a major in engineering.

What are the computer requirements for the Summer Bridge programs?
Computer requirements for all summer bridge programs are exactly the same as those required by the University of Florida. Please visit our computer requirements page for specific details.

How long is the summer bridge program?
The summer component for all programs is 6 weeks and takes place during the Summer B semester. The Non – Residential component (required) takes place during the Fall & Spring semester of each academic year.

Can UF PROMISE, Innovation Academy, and/or Gator Engineering @ Santa Fe/SCF students apply for participation in the summer bridge program?
Yes. However, all student participants in each of these programs must receive prior approval from their Program Coordinator or Director. This approval must be submitted to the STAR Office Director, Mr. Stephen Roberts (, prior to submitting the application for either program.

UF PROMISE participants should contact the main office at (352) 392-0788 for more details. UF PROMISE students selected to participate in the summer bridge program will remain in the UF PROMISE program for their entire freshman year. Innovation Academy and GE@SF/SCF students must continue to meet all requirements and expectations of their respective programs. Please contact the Innovation Academy or GE@SF/SCF Program Director for more details.

Note: Financial aid awarded to UF PROMISE students for Summer B cannot be applied towards the STEPUP application fee.

Can students admitted for a Fall/Spring semester or the Gator Engineering @ Santa Fe/SCF program apply to participate in the summer bridge programs?
Yes. Applicants admitted into UF for the Fall semester who have been accepted into STEPUP will have their admit status changed to “summer ” in support of their registration and participation in the program. Students admitted into the Innovation Academy or Gator Engineering @ Santa Fe program may apply for the program, but their admission status will not be changed.


Will I be required to attend a special session of Preview to participate in the summer bridge program?
Yes. Summer Bridge participants are required to attend any Summer B preview session offered through the Dean of Students Office. Please visit the following link for more details


If I am applying to participate in the summer bridge program, should I still apply for/submit a housing deposit for the summer semester?
Yes. All students intending to reside on campus during the summer should complete the process of applying for summer housing through the UF Housing Office.

Students who are officially accepted into the STEPUP program will have their housing deposit reimbursed by the UF Housing Office and allowed to change their summer residence to East Hall (as required by the STEPUP program). For more details regarding the reimbursement process, please visit the UF Housing Office website at:

If I am applying to participate in the summer bridge program, should I still submit/apply for Fall – Spring Housing?

Please note: The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering encourages all freshmen engineering students to select East Hall as their first residence hall of preference for the Fall/Spring semester.

For more information contact the UF Housing Office: Housing & Residence Education, SW 13th Street & Museum Road; P.O. Box 112100; Gainesville, FL 32611 – 2100; Phone: (352) 392 – 2161; Fax: (352) 392 – 6819


Will I receive a grade for classes enrolled as part of the summer bridge program?
All course work will be graded and each student will receive a letter grade for participating in the Summer Bridge program. However, only grades for the Introduction to Research course will be added to the student’s transcript.

Will I receive credit for classes enrolled as part of the summer bridge program?Typically, STEPUP students receive one credit for the Introduction to Research class, but zero credit for other classes enrolled. The STEPUP summer schedule is near the equivalence of en rolling for 15 – 17 credit hours over a 6 – week period (which far exceeds the typical course load for a 6 – week term).

Is any level of the program for remedial students or remediation?
No. The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering does not offer any form of remedial or remediation programming. Instead, our summer bridge programs are designed to give participants a real world perspective of the classes at UF (i.e. exams, quizzes, homework assignments, etc.,) taught by engineering faculty or highly qualified graduate students.


What costs should I anticipate to participate in the Summer Bridge program?
STEPUP participants will have costs associated with student housing, classes, meal plans for the summer semester covered by the College. STEPUP participants should prepare to cover costs associated with books, social activities (movies, shopping, etc.) and lunch during corporate tours (typically fast food establishments).

Please note: regarding book purchases–courses taught as part of the summer bridge program component typically use online resources to limit additional expenses placed on the student. However, students may opt to purchase textbooks for their Fall Chemistry course to use during the Summer – Bridge program. The Fall Calculus book will be online. However, students may opt to purchase a hardcopy of this book as well.

For more information regarding text books, please visit ONE.UF

For more information regarding UF student expenses, please visit

What if I have additional questions?
If you have additional questions not answered in this FAQ, please feel free to contact Mrs. Kanitra Perry, STAR Office Program Assistant at 352 – 392 – 0944 x3 , or via email at