Service Abroad

Service Abroad

Volunteering abroad allows you to experience a different culture while making a difference in local communities. You can use the knowledge and skills you obtained as a Gator Engineer to to address critical global issues by providing meaningful volunteer service to communities abroad, and contributing responsibly to local economies.

Here are some ways that you can see the world and make a difference at the same time!

Engineers Without Borders

The University of Florida Gainesville Chapter of EWB-USA works alongside a team of experienced faculty mentors and professional engineers to tackle the needs of communities all around the world. Students are also involved in various educational and community ventures. Involvement in the club is not solely limited to those who work on out-of-country projects. All disciplines, majors, and backgrounds are welcome.

For more information and updates about the projects that are currently going on, visit EWB UF website:

UF in Galway and Gweedore – Youth Development, Irish Culture, and Service Learning

Information here

UF in the Dominican Republic – Language, Culture, and Service Learning

WindAid in Peru

WindAid is a social entrepreneurship project that provides wind turbines to communities in Peru who are in need of electricity and light.

Volunteers who join our WindAid placement program get to build and install a wind turbine in just four weeks. It is the financial contribution and work of the volunteers during the WindAid program that covers the cost of the wind turbine and installation such that the completed wind turbine is presented to the recipient community for free.

We also work in partnership with local communities and other non-governmental organizations and charities to identify suitable recipients of the wind turbines manufactured by our volunteers. Working with the recipient community, through training and preparation, we help to ensure the wind turbines operate for their entire design life of 20 years and continue to bring the benefits that electricity can provide.

 More information and volunteer dates at:

This program is not officially endorsed by University of Florida.