Gator Engineering Attribute Awards

Gator Engineering Attribute Awards

2016-2017 Attributes of a Gator Engineer Student Recognition Awards

Considered the greatest distinction of any student award given by the college, the Gator Engineering Attribute Awards are intended to provide an ideal guide for all members of the Gator Engineering community. They honor five undergraduate and five Ph.D. students who strongly model one of the five Gator Engineering Attributes:

  • Creativity: imaginative, versatile, resourceful, artful, curious, passionate, inspired, innovative, willing to discover new solutions and to explore all options
  • Leadership: visionary, professional, skilled communicator, engaged and committed, entrepreneurial, inspiring, fair, mission-guided, caring, willing to delegate, sound perspective, sense of humor, positive attitude, confident, strong intuition, thoughtful
  • Integrity: honest, ethical, willing to work for achievements (persistent, hard-working, determined), impelled toward right action, trustworthy, humble, inspires integrity in others
  • Professional Excellence: technically competent, skilled in management and planning, problem-solving, scientifically insightful
  • Service to the Global Community
    Humanitarianism: tolerant, respectful, socially conscious, selfless, interdependent, cooperative, willing to nurture and serve community, mentoring, compassionate
    Global Awareness: aware of interactions of financial, societal, legal, and cultural influences, diverse, world-changing

Call for Nominations

Any UF student, faculty or staff member may nominate a Gator Engineering student or students. Nominations must be received by Monday, March 21 at 5 PM.

To submit a nomination, please provide the following:

  1. Completed Online Attribute Nomination Form
  2. letter providing compelling evidence of how this student has strongly exhibited the attribute in question and is qualified to represent this attribute for the upcoming year. Please include specific examples.
  3. The nominee’s resumé or curriculum vitae

Please submit nominations by completing the online Attribute Nomination Form.

Recipients will be notified by the second week of April.

Recognition of Attribute Awardees

This year’s recipients will be officially recognized first during our Faculty and Student Awards Luncheon on April 21, 2016 and during the New Student Convocation in August 2016. All recipients should ideally be able to attend both events.