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  • Please request of the student you are nominating for her/his permission to do so. A signed acknowledgement by the student is required to complete the nomination.

    Recipients will be recognized during our Faculty and Student Awards Luncheon on April 26, 2019. Recipients must be available to have a photo taken by the HWCOE Marketing and Communications Office, and must submit a biography within three weeks of their selection for this award.

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    • These five attributes represent the minimum expectations of not only students but all connected to the Gator Engineering community. Understanding that the qualities within these attributes overlap, select the attribute that is most strongly exhibited by your nominee.
    • Accepted file types: pdf.

      Please attach a letter citing specific evidence of the attribute selected above from the student's coursework, scholarship interviews, research, leadership and service activity, classroom, peer, civic, or professional interactions, or any other means in which the student has strongly and consistently exhibited this attribute. Please be as detailed as possible, calling out specific incidents or actions of the student you are nominating.

      Attachment must be PDF format and less than 2MB.

    • Accepted file types: pdf.
      Attachment must be PDF format and less than 2MB.
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    • Accepted file types: pdf.

      Please submit a scanned acknowledgement, signed and dated by the nominee, indicating the nominee's permission to submit this nomination.

      Attachment must be PDF format and less than 2MB.