AI in K-12 Education

UF, with a significant investment from NIVIDA and the State of Florida, is leading the way in developing the AI-enabled workforce of tomorrow.

We are infusing AI across the K-20 education system. UF, in partnership with school districts and industry partners, is launching this initiative with key investments in the following areas.

  • Frameworks – Working with districts, new academic frameworks for middle and high school students in the areas of data science and AI Foundations have been created and are launching as early as fall 2022
  • Teacher Professional Development – leveraging the success of the federally funded Engaged Quality Instruction Through Professional Development (EQuIPD) Program, and with additional funding from donors, UF is leading the efforts to prepare educators to teach in the areas of data science, computer science, and AI
  • Curriculum Development – working with classroom teachers and with insights from the industry, UF is helping to build a repository of curriculum resources
  • Experiential and Community-based programs – to further reinforce learning, UF is partnering with community-based organizations to build co-curricular and experiential learning opportunities that reinforce learning and provide hands-on activities to keep students engaged

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