Key Benefits

Innovative Experiential Approach to Student Success

STEPUP takes an experiential learning approach that has been shown to provide numerous benefits including:

  • accelerates learning
  • bridges the gap between theory and practice
  • enables personalized learning
  • produces demonstrable mindset changes
  • increases engagement

The integration of project-based experiential learning is the perfect vehicle to deliver opportunities that enhance teamwork and leadership, and to train students with what we term the Attributes of a Gator Engineer. It enables them to be socially-conscious and to work with diverse people. Our faculty work on the cutting-edge of research problems in healthcare, energy, manufacturing, etc. and know that our students must be prepared to work across disciplines.

Performance of Participants

STEPUP participants embody the following metrics, of which indicate the success of the program and we are proud to highlight:

  • UF students participating in STEPUP over the past 20 years have had an average retention rate of 83%.
  • All UF engineering students not participating in STEPUP have experienced a retention rate of 75%.
  • Female UF engineering students not participating in STEPUP have a retention rate of 71%