Who should attend?

Any incoming UF freshman seeking to pursue an engineering major as their college path can apply to the STEPUP program. Students accepted into the program participate in a rigorous six-week summer residential summer component combined with academic, professional, and personal development activities throughout the fall and spring semesters of their freshman year.

First-year students admitted into STEPUP become part of a unique cohort of peer engineering students, program mentors, UF faculty mentors, and corporate sponsors. This cohort, in large part, forms the heart of the STEPUP experience, in addition to the rigorous summer residential program schedule, and the 8-month support system provided through the fall and spring semesters activities.   

However, a point of emphasis to mention is that STEPUP is not a remedial program.  The workshops, classes are taught to mirror the rigor of a full course load at UF in comparison to the student’s high school experience.  The STEPUP academic experience is intended for students seeking to further challenge themselves academically, professionally, and personally in preparation to outstrip and outperform fellow students in their admission cohort.

Parent Testimonials

“The STEPUP program has proven to be an excellent experience for my son — providing not only a great academic exposure to the world of engineering but a wonderful initiation into life on his own, with the support of great mentorship and caring staff. Thanks to STEPUP for a terrific start!”

“As a mother of three boys that have attended the STEPUP program, I have nothing but praise for the entire team that makes STEPUP a success. When my first son left the nest to enter such a large school as UF, having the STEPUP program was a great comfort to me. The program allowed my sons to leave home, yet have a wonderfully supportive network of people available to them at all times. The support network made them feel like a part of something, and the connections made that first summer have stayed with them throughout their college careers. My oldest son is graduating in with a degree in electrical engineering. He already has a job offer from Intel. I believe the confidence he feels originated with all of the support that came from the people associated with the STEPUP program. I am very grateful that UF has such a wonderful program and hope that it continues for a long time to come.”

“My daughter benefited so much from STEPUP. It allowed her to transition from the high school environment to college life with ease. She was able to meet friends during the summer STEPUP session and also learn the campus and how things work at UF. That gave her the confidence to tackle her first semester. She made lasting friendships and developed a connection with the faculty of the College of Engineering that empowered her to continue in the engineering track. STEPUP was absolutely crucial to her sticking to this highly challenging program of study. She has become a mature, poised, confident, and capable engineering student because of the foundation laid in the STEPUP summer session. Without it she may have lost her footing and changed her path. Thank you for this valuable program. I highly recommend it to all who are offered this unique opportunity to excel. My nephew, who was one year ahead of my daughter and also wanted to be an engineer, did not take advantage of a similar program offered at another university. He has changed majors three times and is now two years behind her in his studies. He is trying to make it up now. Carpe Diem.”