Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Summer programs are a great way for you to experience life in another culture without disruption to your academic plans. Some programs even advance their academic plans by offering tracking courses as well as technical electives. These short courses are available to students from many disciplines and all over the world. Summer programs are a fun way to gain an international experience while learning new skills, and making new friends!

Please note that specific dates of programs and deadlines will likely vary slightly each year; make sure to check respective websites for most updated dates. Some programs may fill up before the deadline. 

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs offer affordable UF tuition while studying at a foreign university. A UF student enrolling at an exchange partner school will have the opportunity to take classes, or do research with students from the host university as well as students from all over the world. Students on an exchange program will be responsible for finding their own housing – either in dorms/residences through the host university or through a third-party company. 





Application deadline

RWTH Aachen International Research Opportunity

May – July
(10 weeks)
Aachen, Germany

Research in various engineering fields, German language and culture


ISAE-ENSMA Space Summer Program 

Summer A ( 5 weeks)

Toulouse, France

Management of Aerospace Program, Technical courses in Aerospace Engineering, Cube Satellite, Space Launcher

February 16
INNOV@INSA Summer Exchange Program May – June
(4 weeks)
Lyon, France Connected devices and smart devices/Project management
French Culture and Language
March 1

Comillas Madrid International Research Summer Program

May – July
(8 weeks)
Madrid, Spain Research Project, Spanish Culture, Basic/Intermediate Spanish Language, Introduction to Sustainable Engineering Principles, Internet of Things

March 1

Nanyang Technological University Summer School  July
(4 weeks)

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing; Bioprinting Principles and Applications; Standards and Laser in 3D Printing; Introduction to Energy; Cyber Security

More information

April 19

UF-HWCOE Sponsored Programs

UF-HWCOE Sponsored Programs are programs that are developed and taught by UF faculty or staff. The programs are usually held in the summer, although there are a handful of programs that are designed for spring break, or spring recess. The faculty/staff will accompany the students either for a partial or entire duration of the program. The courses are taught in English. These programs can be study, intern, or research with varying degrees of hands-on experiences. Oftentimes, programs include accommodation, tuition, some excursions, and site visits to local universities, research centers, or industry. These programs offer a unique combination of theoretical teaching, hands-on experience, cultural immersion, and professional development. 

Spring Break

UF in Germany: Kinesiology and Engineering 

Spring Short Term

UF in London: Technological Applications for Disability Access

UF in Iceland: Renewable Energy and Sustainability

UF in Quito: Human Centered Design 






Application deadline (Rolling admission)


UF in Singapore: Engineering Internship

Summer C
(8 weeks)


EGN 4932: Engineering in a Global Context
EGN 4949: Internship


UF in Ireland: Internship and Global Culture

Summer C
(10 weeks)


EGN 4932: Global Culture and Society
EGN 4949: Engineering Internship

Feb 2

UF in Ghana: Software Engineering Entrepreneurship and Internship

Summer C
(6 weeks)


CIS 4930: Software Engineering Entrepreneurship
CIS 4930: Internship 

Feb 9


UF in Berlin – Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Summer B
(2 weeks online + 6 weeks in-country)

Berlin, Germany

EGN 4641: Engineering Entrepreneurship
EGN 4643: Engineering Innovation

UF in Japan – Cross Cultural Engineering

Summer C
(9 weeks)

Kyoto, Japan

CEN 4930/DIG 4930 Cross-Cultural Engineering Studies

AND Choose 1:
– CEN 4930: Performant Programming in Python (Pre-req: COP 3530)
– CEN 4930/DIG 4930: 3D Engines in Practice (Pre-req: Some programming knowledge)



UF in Osnabruck – Sustainability and Innovation in Engineering

Summer A
(6 weeks)

Osnabrück, Germany

ABE 4932: Methods of Innovation Workshop
ABE 4932: Special Topics in Engineering and Planning

March 1
UF in Lille: Engineering and Arts in France

Summer C
(8 weeks)

Lille, France

Choose 1:
– EGN 4932: Engineering Art Sketchbook
– EGN 4932: Digital Engineering Design
– IDH 3931: Honors Summer in the City (Honors students only or instructor permission)

AND Choose 1:
– PHY 2049/PHY 2049L: Physics 2 with Calculus with lab
– EMA 3010 Materials Science

UF in Spain: Understanding Next Generation Energy Technologies

Summer A

Almeria & Sevilla, Spain

EML 3100: Thermodynamics
EML 4930: Applications of Thermodynamics to Solar Power Generation and Industrial Decarbonization

Feb 9
UF in South Korea: Global Design Thinking In Engineering

Summer B

Seoul & Pohang, South Korea

EGN 4932: Culture and Global Design Thinking in Engineering
EGN 4932: Advanced Professional Communication Skills

March 1
UF in Chile: International Energy Management 

Summer B 

Valparaiso, Chile

EML 4930: International Industrial Energy Management
EML 4930: Special Topics 

Postponed to 2025! 

Non-UF programs

Non-UF programs are programs offered by other universities. Students should verify that the program is still running and that the credits will be applicable to their major. Housing may or may not be included in the program fees. Below are some programs that students have participated in and represent only a small sampling of available programs. 

Program Dates Country Courses Application deadline (check website)
John Cabot Summer Engineering Program

Summer A/Summer B (5 weeks)

Rome, Italy

Statics, Mechanics of Materials, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics

April 1
Technion Summer Entrepreneurship and Internship 

Summer C

(12 weeks)

Haifa, Israel

Entrepreneurship & Engineering Internship

Jan 15
Munich Summer School – Engineering for Sustainability 

July 6 – Aug 7
(5 weeks)

Munich, Germany

Smart Vehicles, Engineering of Sustainable Energy Systems, Internal Combustion Engines, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems, Smart Environments, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, German Language and Culture

More information

March 3
University Summer School
(4 weeks)
Seoul, South Korea

Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Numerical Analysis, Physics 1, Physics 2, Computer Science, Project Management

More information

May 15

To find out more about summer programs, make an appointment now to meet with the study abroad advisor in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering!