International Scholars Program

International Scholars Program

Infographic of global skills and benefitsThe International Scholars Program (ISP) is an exciting graduation distinction available to all engineering undergraduate students. Earn a graduation medallion by approaching your education with a global lens through the completion of international coursework, international experience, language learning and co-curricular activities.

Keep in mind that if you complete a study abroad as your international experience, the courses you take during your study abroad count toward the coursework requirement. The International Scholars Program is a great bridge between international interests and preparing for a career where you will be part of a global workforce.

Find out more about how you can add this global distinction to your degree by attending an International Scholars Program info session or by reaching out to an ISP advisor. Define your international learning inside and outside the classroom by joining the International Scholars Program!


International Scholars Program (UFIC)
  • Coursework (12 credits)The ISP Program requires the completion of four fully or partially international courses. International Scholars may take these courses as part of their major, minor, electives, or to meet General Education or Quest requirements.
  • International Experience or Language Learning
    • International Scholars are required to complete an international experience, such as study abroad, or two semesters of foreign language learning coursework.
  • Campus Life Engagement
    • To expand global experiences on campus, International Scholars attend at least four international and/or intercultural-focused events endorsed by the Office of Global Learning.
    • HWCOE students participating in International Engineering Ambassador activities will receive credit for Campus Life Engagement criteria.
  • ePortfolio
    • International Scholars share their global and professional learning journey by developing an electronic portfolio. Students include their global achievements, reflections, and resume through a creative and polished platform.
Participants of HWCOE-ISP

Screenshot of ePortfolio of past participants
Anne Gormaley, B.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2019
Screenshot of ePortfolio of past participants
Macartney Ewing, BS Mechanical Engineering, 2020


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