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I have been admitted to the University. Do I need to apply to the College of Engineering?

Congratulations on your admission to UF! You do not need to apply to the College of Engineering. If your application to UF indicated that you want to major in engineering, then you have already been admitted to the college unless you are pursuing Biomedical Engineering. Biomedical Engineering students are admitted to that program after successful completion of their lower division coursework.

If you are admitted to UF, but did not indicate engineering and that is what you want to pursue, you can change to an engineering major at Preview.


What is the best way to get information before I start classes in summer B or fall?

Join the Gator Engineering Class of 2021 Facebook page! This page is monitored by our professional advisors and our outstanding Engineering Peer Advisors.  This is also a good place for you to connect with other new Gator Engineers.

You can also email us at or call us at 352-392-0944.

Also, check your GatorLink email account regularly.

If I have credit for AP Calculus, do I need to take the ALEKS placement test?

The ALEKS placement test is a valuable tool for determine which math class you should take first. The College of Engineering strongly encourages all new students to take the placement test, even if you have AP credit. Your beginning calculus class at UF will depend on which AP course you took in high school, your score on the AP exam, and your score on the ALEKS placement test.

Calculus is the foundation for upper division engineering course work.

I want to be an engineer, but I don’t yet know what kind of engineering I want. What major should I declare?

Many incoming students know they want to become engineers, but have not yet decided on a specific engineering discipline. Undecided engineering students can register as Exploratory Engineering (UES) majors while they complete the engineering critical tracking courses and determine the best discipline for them. Professional engineering advisors and career coaches will work with you individually to help you determine your path to success.

What are the critical tracking courses for engineering majors?

These courses, with the exception of Chemistry 2, are common to all engineering majors. Some programs have additional tracking requirements. Discuss this with your academic advisor.

  • MAC2311: Analytic Geometry with Calculus 1
  • MAC2312: Analytic Geometry with Calculus 2
  • MAC2313: Analytic Geometry with Calculus 3
  • MAP2302: Differential Equations
  • CHM2045: General Chemistry 1 or CHM2095 Chemistry 1 for Engineers
  • CHM2046: General Chemistry 2 or CHM2096 Chemistry 2 for Engineers*
  • PHY2048: Physics with Calculus 1
  • PHY2049: Physics with Calculus  2

*Not all majors require CHM2046

What if I don’t have a strong mathematics or chemistry background?

You can take MAC1147 Precalculus and/or CHM1025 Introduction to Chemistry to prepare for the calculus and chemistry courses required for engineering. The ALEKS placement test will help us determine the best placement for you.

Remember, a strong foundation in math and science will help you succeed in the engineering curriculum.

Some majors will require summer enrollment to “catch up” on the math and chemistry critical tracking courses. Contact your engineering advisor before the end of the drop/add period to make sure you fully understand the requirements of your desired major.

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