Classes Abroad

Classes Abroad

Course Equivalency and Grades

Courses taken abroad

You must remain a full-time student according to the University of Florida standards while studying abroad. This means you are required to take the equivalent of 12 UF credits per semester.

Each course you take abroad must be assigned a UF “equivalent” course in order for your grades and credits to be recorded on your UF transcript. All courses taken abroad will appear on your transcript, and you cannot “opt out” of having certain courses posted to your record. Overseas transcripts will be processed through the UF International Center (UFIC).

All study abroad participants earn UF credits for coursework completed abroad that will fulfill requirements for their engineering major. In other words, for courses fulfilling requirements for engineering majors, credits earned during a study abroad program will be posted on the student’s transcript with a UF department number, course title, and a letter grade. The University of Florida is required to post all overseas grades that a student receives as the actual letter grade.  This means that we cannot simply change a grade from a “C” to a “S” and so forth.  If you would like to receive pass/fail grades, you have two options:

  • Submit the required UF pass/fail forms to the UF Registrar for each relevant class before going abroad.
  • Ask the host institution to award you pass/fail instead of letter grades.

Under no circumstances will UFIC switch letter grades to pass/fail grades, regardless of the grades you have actually received. Note that pass/fail grades are not permitted for major classes.

Read more on UFIC Study Abroad policies here:

Approved Course Equivalency

Some courses have already been approved by the College of Engineering to be taken abroad. Please check with the International Engineering advisor to get the most updated list of courses. 

Requesting New Course Equivalency

Students are encouraged to submit their course equivalency requests as soon as possible to avoid delays to their study abroad planning. Students can submit course equivalency requests here

Please email or make an appointment HERE