Current Ambassadors




Study abroad Institution/Program

Amy Wu

Computer Science RWTH Aachen, Germany

External Vice President
Clara Summerford

Mechanical Engineering Universidad Pontificia Comillas Madrid, Spain

Internal Vice President
Daniel Lewis

Computer Science Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Diego Machado

Materials Science & Engineering Universidad Pontificia Comillas Madrid, Spain

Delaney Boyle

Biomedical Engineering UF in Dublin – Engineering Internship

IEA was an amazing chance to network with engineers from around the world. I loved coming up with creative ideas to integrate international engineering students with UF students who were interested in international experiences. I learned how to delegate amongst a team to ensure tasks and events were done, then got to enjoy the events with a diverse range of peers! It was always rewarding to see the experiences of people we helped. Last but not least, I used my leadership experience in almost every interview I had during my job hunt. Overall, it was an incredible experience!
– Isaac Stasevich, President of IEA 2015, studied abroad at Xiamen University, China