International Summer Research Program in Madrid, Spain

International Summer Research Program in Madrid, Spain

Program Description

ICAI-SAPIENS at Universidad Pontificia Comillas Madrid is a program designed for engineering students interested in getting international experience without missing technical courses required for graduation with their classes. We offer a set of engineering courses, research opportunity, and a set of Spanish Culture and Language courses. Engineering courses are taught in English, while the students get immersed in the Spanish Culture through Spanish language courses and leisure activities with classmates.

In the summer semester, Comillas offers a 4-week and a 8-week program. Students have the opportunity to participate in a research project in the field of their major in the 8-week program. Other available courses are listed below. 

Session 1: Week 1-4 Session 2: Week 5-8
SPN 4956 Spanish Culture (2 UF credits) SPN 4956 Spanish Culture (2 UF credits)
SPN 4956 Basic Spanish Language (2 UF credits)  

SPN 4956 Intermediate Spanish Language 1 (2 UF credits)

SPN 4956 Intermediate Spanish Language 1 (2 UF credits)

SPN 4956 Intermediate Spanish Language 2 (2 UF credits)

Session 1 & 2:

EGN 4912 International Undergraduate Research (4 UF credits)
EGN 4932 Intro to Entrepreneurship (2 UF credits)
EGN 4932 Internet of Things (2 UF credits)
CGN 3510 Sustainable Engineering Principles (3 UF credits)
EML 3100 Thermodynamics (3 UF credits)

About Madrid 

Madrid is the capital and most populous city of Spain. The city has almost 3.3 million inhabitants and a metropolitan area population of approximately 6.5 million. It is the third-largest city in the European Union (EU), surpassed only by London and Berlin. Well known for its hospitality and openness, it’s easy to feel at home in Madrid. Its impressive cultural heritage combines the historic with the modern, and is evident in its museums and monuments, notably the Prado Museum and the Royal Palace. Madrid is one of the liveliest cities in Europe, combining cultural and leisure activities for all tastes.

Program Fees  

Application fee: $425 
Tuition: UF tuition based on residency for the amount of credits taken 
Other estimated expenses


  • UF engineering students with GPA of 3.0 or higher 
  • Spanish language skills are not required to participate. If you want to take a Spanish language class, you will be assigned to an appropriate class based on your Spanish skills


Students are responsible for finding their own housing for this program. Here are some housing providers that are recommended are the host institution and former students of the program. They have not been vetted nor are endorsed by UF IEP.

Estimated Cost of Living

Here is a list of estimates to help you plan your budget while in Madrid

Application Process