Transient student

Transient student

When you take classes at another school you are considered to be a transient student who will stay for one term and then transfer your course credit back to your home institution.

Transient coursework is usually taken during the summer term (fall for IA students). You may only be a transient student for one term before returning to continue course work at UF. Please discuss all plans for transient work with your academic advisor in advance of registration.

You must meet the prerequisites for the course(s) that you plan to take.
You may not be enrolled at both UF and another institution during Fall or Spring (Spring or Summer for IA students).
Students who have completed 60 or more credit hours may not take additional transient courses at a state or community college.
All transient course requests are subject to advisor approval.

Who should consider taking transient courses?

Engineering students can use this opportunity to catch up or take courses that will advance their academic program. You should only take transient courses when you have a well-defined academic plan. There can be challenges associated with splitting math and science sequences across institutions. Discuss this with your academic advisor so that you can be sure to make the best decision about taking courses elsewhere.

Engineering students are cautioned not to “get all their Gen-Eds” out of the way as transient students. General education courses provide balance and diversity. Most engineering programs allow them to be completed throughout the curriculum.

How do I get approval to take transient courses?

  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss transient courses. All transient course work should be approved before you enroll in courses at another institutions.
  • If you are taking courses at a private or out of state school, follow the guidelines for course equivalency approval.
  • If you are taking courses another Florida public college or university:
    • Complete a transient student form at
    • Make sure you enter your major correctly. ALL FIRST YEAR ENGINEERING STUDENTS SHOULD ENTER “EXPLORATORY ENGINEERING” AS THEIR MAJOR. Your form may not be processed if you do not follow these instructions.
    • Your advisor will act on your form once you have discussed your plan. It is to your benefit to complete the Transient Student form prior to meeting with your advisor, so that it can be approved during your regular advising meeting.

How do my transient credits get posted to my University of Florida transcript?

  • You must request that your transient institution send transcripts to the University of Florida.
  • It is required  that all transient course work be reported to the University of Florida.

How will transient course work affect my grade point average (GPA)?

  • Transient course work will not be reflected in your University of Florida GPA.
  • Grades for critical tracking courses taken at another institution will be calculated into your Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering critical tracking GPA.
  • Bright Futures may accept transient work toward your Bright Futures GPA. Please check with Student Financial Aid for additional information on Bright Futures and transient course work.