The University of Florida Engineering Innovation Institute fosters a culture of innovation among faculty, students and staff of the College of Engineering (COE). The Institute serves as a nexus of engineering innovation education and experiential programs extending across the spectrum of creative discovery and invention, to the transition of UF engineering technologies and innovative students to the marketplace.

Engineers have found their role as technology entrepreneurs over the last two decades and their impact to the world’s economy and standard of living have been tremendous. While entrepreneurship had traditionally been the purview of those that came from business oriented education and careers, the advent of enabling technologies such as the internet, microelectronics, nanotechnology, advanced instrumentation and sensing systems, and understanding of the human being, have opened new opportunities for discovery and innovation that play to engineers’ strengths.

The Institute aims to produce leaders with engineering and innovation skills to attack the world’s most daunting problems and change the world. The Institute’s primary program elements are Creativity and Entrepreneurship built on the foundation of the College’s research programs.

The College’s inter-disciplinary research institutes, and its broad spectrum of Departments and Schools, provide a unique platform upon which Creativity and Entrepreneurship education will produce many of our next generation innovation leaders, whether they work in the private, academic, public service, non-profit, or government / military sectors.