Eric McLamore

Eric McLamore

Eric McLamoreAssociate Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
PhD, Purdue University
Civil/Ag & Bio Engineering

Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering | Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

Our research group focuses on development and application of sensor/biosensor technology for solving hypothesis driven research questions in the life sciences. We build optical and electrochemical tools from the nanometer to the millimeter spatial scale, often incorporating biological molecules as an active element (i.e., biosensors). We commonly use a non-invasive technique known as self-referencing, which allows us to measure the transport of molecules across cell membranes and/or tissues. We also build sensors for field applications used in environmental and agricultural research.

Our lab is involved in a number of educational activities for communicating research principles to public audiences. Our research group is also actively engaged with the UF Art/Science Collective.