Jack Mecholsky

Jack Mecholsky

john-mecholskyProfessor, Materials Science and Engineering
PhD, Catholic University of America
Materials Science

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Jack Mecholsky is a Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University of Florida.  The Mecholsky research group generally consists of 6-8 Ph.D. students, 1-2 Master’s student, and 1-2 undergraduates.  Dr. Mecholsky is associated with the Dental Biomaterials Program, Biomedical Engineering, and the Veterinary College.  His research focuses on biomaterials, fractal analysis, fractography and the application of fracture mechanics to the failure analysis of advanced ceramics and composites.  Since 1990, there have been 20 Ph.D. and 34 Master’s candidates graduate from this group with Dr. Mecholsky as principal advisor.