EGN 4912 Engineering Undergraduate Research

All Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering undergraduate students working with a faculty mentor for undergraduate research are required to register for EGN 4912 for 0-3 credits.  This is inclusive of any avenue of undergraduate research for any term (fall, spring, summer) including individual or independent research with a faculty mentor, Brazil Scientific Mobility Program, CubeSat project, University Scholars, Emerging Scholars, undergraduate research assistant, HHMI, honors research projects or thesis, IFAS, McNair Scholar, OPS paid student work, REM, Science for Life, senior projects, SSTP, STEPUP, UFTI STRIDE, etc.

Registration Process

  1. Once you have received confirmation from the faculty mentor that you are selected for an undergraduate research position, print a copy of the EGN 4912 Syllabus and Registration Form.
  2. Complete and sign the form, meet with the faculty member to complete and sign the Faculty Mentor Registration Form, make 2 additional copies, keep one and leave one with your faculty mentor.
  3. Take the original signed registration forms to the appropriate academic advisor in your major department for registration for EGN 4912 with the appropriate department section number. The advisor will keep this original form for departmental records. If you are an exploratory engineering student or non-engineering student, take the signed registration forms to your faculty mentor’s department.
  4. Be sure to check and clear any holds prior to submitting the registration forms to the department.
  5. RSVP and attend any appropriate workshops and seminars.

Biological Engineering

Dr. Jim Leary Undergraduate Coordinator 115 Rogers 352-392-1864
Robin Snyder Undergraduate Staff 116 Rogers 352-392-1864

Biomedical Engineering

Dr. David Gilland Undergraduate Coordinator JG56 Biomedical Sciences 352-273-0302
Kristin Theus Academic Advisor JG55 Biomedical Sciences 352-273-8096

Chemical Engineering

Debbie Sandoval Academic Advising Program Assistant 260 ChE Student Center 352-294-2891

Civil Engineering

Dr. Robert Thieke Undergraduate Coordinator 370 Weil 352-392-9537
Sophie Spratley Academic Advisor 370A Weil 352-294-7784

Computer Engineering

Allison Gatsche Academic Advisor 230 Larsen Hall 352-392-9758

Computer Science

Todd Best Academic Advisor 405 CSE 352-392-1090

Digital Arts and Sciences

Todd Best Academic Advisor 405 CSE 352-392-1090

Electrical Engineering

Nicole Young Undergraduate Staff 230 Larsen Hall 352-392-9758

Environmental Engineering

Barbi Jackson Program Assistant 217A Black Hall 352-392-8450

Industrial & Systems

Heather Nemeth Undergraduate Staff 368 Weil 352-392-1464

Materials Science and Engineering

Jordan Williams Academic Advisor 108 Rhines Hall 352-846-3314

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Shirley Robinson Academic Advisor 219 MAE-A 352-846-1375
Salena Robinson Academic Advisor 219 MAE-A 352-392-0963
Paul Rocha Academic Advisor 219 MAE-A 352-392-6228

Nuclear Engineering

Jordan Williams Academic Advisor 108 Rhines Hall 352-846-3314