Engineering Undergraduate Research & University Scholars Application

Engineering Undergraduate Research & University Scholars Application

Thank you for your interest in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering’s Undergraduate Research opportunities. This form is for students who have already been nominated by engineering faculty for University Scholars consideration.  HWCOE administration finalizes these decisions and notifies the faculty and student.

If you are applying for any other engineering undergraduate research position and the faculty requires an application then feel free to complete this online form.  This can be your “Basic Online Application” and once submitted, you will receive an automated email of the submission to use as your “Basic Online Application”.  Students are responsible to contact all engineering faculty for any undergraduate research position consideration.

Be advised that Engineering faculty often have varying application requirements which may be listed in the available undergraduate research project of interest or contact them directly. Engineering faculty determine all final undergraduate research position offers (beyond University Scholars) and will notify you directly.

If you receive confirmation from the faculty mentor/HWCOE administration that you are selected for an Undergraduate Research position then you must register for EGN 4912. Registration process for EGN 4912.

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  • List the Research Project Titles, Faculty Mentors and Terms you are interested in:
  • This program is primarily for juniors and senior but all undergraduate students are eligible. The program runs fall 2024/spring 2025 or summer 2024/fall 2024/spring 2025.