National Conference on Ethics in America (NCEA)

Gouthami Gadamsetty (3rd from right) at the October 2018 National Conference on Ethics in America

The annual National Conference on Ethics in America is hosted at the United States Military Academy (USMA), West Point. Military and civilian speakers discuss essential leadership skills and the importance of values, ethics, and character development. Its focus is on challenging, training, and inspiring USMA Cadets and undergraduates.

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Past Attendees


See What Our Students Say About Their Experience:


“This was an incredible experience. The conference’s theme was Grit: the combination of passion and perseverance that propels one to success. I had the opportunity to hear from 8 amazing speakers, including veteran Shilo Harris, who overcame unimaginable physical and mental challenges, CEO Dan Chung, who rebuilt the Investment Firm Alger after 9/11, and Dr. Angela Duckworth, the researcher and Professor from the University of Pennsylvania who published a book on Grit and inspired the theme of the conference. One of my favorite parts of the conference was the diversity of students present–among us were West Point cadets, ROTC students, cadets from other military academies, and civilians. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to attend NCEA and represent the University of Florida.”
– Gouthami Gadamsetty, 2019 Participant

“It was an honor to represent UF at the 33rd annual National Conference on Ethics in America (NCEA) at West Point, a beautiful and historic academy. It was an amazing experience that saw great speakers, discussions, and networking opportunities with present and future leaders of our nation. Some of the key takeaways from this conference that I have further reflected upon have come to define my self-identity‚Ķ Without a doubt, this experience has further instilled in me my desire to become an inspiring and morally courageous leader throughout my career and personal life. Definitely one of the highlights of my collegiate career!”
– Jacqueline Palmer, 2018 Participant

“I was skeptical at first as to how the National Conference on Ethics in America could be a life-changing experience‚Ķ. Guest speakers from all walks of life, all ages, civilian and military all came to present on what it means to have moral courage and where to find it. The conference really helped me define what that means and how to best serve my community. Moral courage is standing up for what you believe is right for the betterment of society, even if people are against the changes or stances you are taking.
NCEA honestly makes me feel more confident. I believe when I face my next moral dilemma, I will find the strength to stand up and act.”
-Daniel Gallagher, 2018 Participant