Simmons Leadership Conference

The Simmons Leadership Conference focuses on empowering women from different walks of life, parts of the world, and career stages. The distinguished panel of women speakers discusses topics such as personal development, professional goals, innovation, entrepreneurship, and relevant concerns of women in the workplace and across the globe.

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Past Attendees


See What Our Students Say About Their Experience:


“I am grateful to the Engineering Leadership Institute for providing me with the opportunity to attend the 2024 Simmons Leadership Conference in Boston, as it was an experience that has immensely influenced my perspective on leadership. The conference shed light on the complexities of change, highlighting how it is impacted by our emotions and perceptions, leading to personal growth. I found that understanding the link between our mindset and resilience is extremely relevant to becoming a strategic leader in a post-pandemic world.

Additionally, the impressive lineup of talented speakers, including Gloria Steinem, Trevor Noah, Magie Cook, and Cassandra Worthy, shared insights into the importance of their identity in their leadership narratives. They explored the concept of creating impactful change through embracing diversity, practicing responsible allyship, and cultivating inclusive cultures in professional spaces. I gained valuable knowledge from this event, and I am excited to implement it throughout my leadership journey.”
– Estefania Urrego Hernández, Ph.D. Student, Biomedical Engineering, 2024 Attendee

“The Simmons Leadership Conference was a very fulfilling leadership experience, and I learned a lot from inspirational women leaders. The main message I took from this day was to always remember your “why” and what impact you want to make. The founder and CEO of Rent the Runway framed this in how she analyzed the risk of starting her own business: that not pursuing her passions would be riskier than fulfilling her “why.”

The day was packed full of incredibly successful female founders who all had their own inspiring stories to tell. I enjoyed each speaker and the company of women seated at our table. It was encouraging to be a part of a community of women with different life experiences.”
– Grace Winkler, MS Student, Mechanical Engineering, 2024 Attendee