Academic Year 2017-18 Winners

Academic Year 2017-18 Winners

Liliana BelloLiliana Bello
Chemical Engineering

“In my internships, I saw firsthand the importance of great leaders, whether it’s setting clear goals to achieve or growing their employees and setting them up for success. I believe leadership skills encompass those necessary problem-solving and interpersonal skills to first become great managers.”


Alyssa EgnewAlyssa Egnew

Civil Engineering

“I have come to realize that the higher up you are in leadership, the less it becomes about you and the more it becomes about the people you are leading. A leader’s glory is helping others shine.”



Estenia OrtizEstenia Ortiz
Environmental Engineering

“As I am wrapping up my bachelor’s degree at UF, I have learned a great abundance of the importance of effective leadership. I believe that leadership with compassion is a powerful combination that resonates to communities across the globe for years to come.”


Nicholas PoindexterNicholas Poindexter
Electrical Engineering

“I’ve learned that one of the best ways to lead is not on a pedestal but, instead, on the same level as the individuals that you are leading. To be an effective leader, you must be passionate for the goal you are working towards, and you should share that passion with the team you are leading.”



Ellenor WeinbelEllenor Weinbel
Industrial & Systems Engineering

“Ever since beginning my engineering degree, I have always felt that engineering and leadership must go hand-in-hand in order to be successful. This is a large part of my reasoning for enrolling in classes offered by the Engineering Leadership Institute.”