Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development Workshops

All Fall 2020 workshops will be available via Zoom.


Study Abroad and International Programs

The International Engineering Programs provides students with an opportunity to learn beyond the classroom. Immersion in a foreign country offers a chance for students to gain exciting and new knowledge, resulting in a life-changing experience. Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering is also home to the largest number of international students at UF and we wish to promote cross-cultural interactions among students of all nationalities and background. Click on the link below to sign-up for an information session:

Click here to sign-up for Study Abroad information sessions


5-Semester Planning Sessions

Our Engineering Peer Advisors will be hosting 5-semester planning workshops to help you complete your 5-semester plan assignment. Sign-up for a session with your e-mail address in order to receive the Zoom link. You may also meet with our Engineering Peer Advisors during open advising hours. For Zoom information on how to meet with an Engineering Peer Advisor, visit the First Year Engineering Advising Canvas site.




Sign-up link 

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd 


Computer Engineering/ Computer Science 5-semester planning

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd 


Chemical Engineering 5-semester planning

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd 


Agricultural & Biological Engineering

5-semester planning

Thursday, Sept. 24 


Industrial & Systems Engineering

5-semester planning

Tuesday, Sept 29 


Chemical Engineering 5-semester planning

Previous Workshops

Preparing for Career Showcase Series

How I Got My First Internship 

A panel of our experienced Engineering Peer Advisors will be hosting a Q&A session for how to gain experience and network in order to be competitive for internship opportunities. Please sign-up below:

September 14, 2020 12:50-1:40pm

Building Your Resume: What Employers Want to See

How do I gain experience to be marketable for internships? What do I include on a resume? Can I still include high school experiences on my resume? How do I format my resume? Join our Engineering Peer Advisors to learn how to build and write your resume with future employers in mind. 

Thursday   September 17, 2020   1:55-2:45pm

Communicating Professionally

First impressions matter! Put your best foot forward by learning how to leave a positive impression by different modes of communication. Learn how to go the extra mile when interviewing.

Tuesday   September 22, 2020   1:55-2:45pm

How to Ace an Interview

Learn the fundamentals of a successful interview. What are employers looking for when they are asking particular questions? This will be especially pertinent to students interested in acing their interactions with prospective employers at Career Showcase.

How to Navigate Showcase

If you are unsure about how to prepare, how to talk to recruiters, which recruiters you should talk to, or anything else regarding Showcase, this is your opportunity to get all your questions answered! Our Peer Advisors have been through Showcase, successfully, many times. And now, they’re here to help you. They will talk you through logistics and answer all of your questions about how to navigate Showcase successfully.


Engineering Professional Development Workshop Series

The Role of an Electrical Engineer: Dr. John Harris

Join Dr. John Harris, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Chair, for a conversation about the role of electrical engineers in society.

Pre-Law & Engineering 

An engineering degree can be a great foundation for law school. Join Admissions Director Christopher Bailey and Dr. Joel Black, Lecturer in the Levin College of Law, to learn about requirements, entrance exams, and coordinating your engineering degree with your pre-law plan.

Pre-health Planning for Engineering Students

Engineering is a great foundation for professional schools of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and more. Learn how admissions committees view your grades, test scores, clinical experience, and more so that you can become a stronger applicant. Presented by Dr. Janna Underhill, Director of Advising, Engineering Undergraduate Student Affairs.

Engineering for Sustainability and the role of Biological Engineers

Join Dr. Ana Martin-Ryals, Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator for Biological Engineering, for a discussion about biological engineering’s role in sustainability.

So You Want to Be a Biomedical Engineer?

What is biomedical engineering? How can I stay on track to apply to upper-division BME? In this workshop, you’ll learn about UF BME and its student organizations, professional development opportunities and how to be on track for the major. Presented by Andrea Fabic, Academic Advisor in the Center for Student Excellence and former departmental advisor for BME.

Electrical Engineering: It is Used in All Areas of Engineering

In this workshop, Nicole Young, departmental advisor for Electrical Engineering, will discuss the expansive reach of electrical engineering and the wide array of paths electrical engineers can pursue.

Industrial and Systems Engineering: Measure & Improve

Industrial and Systems Engineers measure and improve performance. We do this in any field you can image: automotive, defense systems, programming, healthcare, entertainment, etc. In ISE, students develop a dense tool box for improving efficiency of products and services and practice these in multiple industries throughout their college career. In this workshop we will investigate a system you see all the time, a fast-food restaurant. We will re-enact how the systems flows and collect data on the current system. We will then discuss ways Industrial and Systems Engineers can evaluate and improve the system. Presented by Dr. Katie Basinger, Lecturer and Undergraduate Coordinator in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

The Computer Majors Demystified

You like computers and technology, and you think you’d like to pursue a major that will fit your interests and build your skills. But there are so many choices! Computer Engineering, Computer Science (in two colleges!), Digital Arts & Sciences, Electrical Engineering. Which one is right for you? This workshop explains the differences and similarities in the many computer-related majors. Presented by Matt Williams, Assistant Director, First Year Advising and former departmental advisor for Electrical Engineering.

Leadership: Teamwork & Communication 

Students will complete a teamwork challenge that emphasizes group communication, leadership dynamics, and problem solving strategy. Students will then reflect on their leadership and communication styles. Discussion will focus on opportunities for application of leadership and communication skills. Presented by Sophie Spratley, Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering Academic Advisor and AEC Leadership Development PhD student.

Leadership for Engineers: Professional Competency

Do you want to have an impact while helping others reach their potential? This workshop, led by Dr. Bill McElroy, P.E., Assistant Director, Engineering Leadership Institute, explores the keys to effect leadership, including professional competency.


Engineering Student Success Series

Toward a Different Kind of Deep Learning

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning that seeks to replicate the workings of the human brain in forming connections amidst vast amounts of data. In this workshop, CISE departmental advisor, Todd Best, will use this concept as a jumping off point for thinking about the contours and purpose of an engineering education.

Be a Successful Engineering Student and Still have a Life!

Designed specifically for engineering students, this workshop includes nuts and bolts guidelines for time management, studying efficiently, preparing for exams without cramming, and effectively utilizing college resources.

Engineer Your Life! Practical Steps to Real-life Time Management

You may have learned the basic principles of time management, but now it’s time to truly implement them. This workshop explores several practical approaches to organizing your time and tasks including bullet journaling, day planners, using iCal and Outlook wisely, and more! The content offered in this session is an excellent complement to the workshop “Be a Successful Engineering Student and Still have a Life!” Presented by Cynthia Sain, Chemical Engineering departmental advisor, along with several upper division engineering students.

Mid-Term Reality Check: Planning for the Rest of the Semester

We’re at the halfway point of the semester. Where did the time go? More importantly, what will it take to end the semester successfully? This workshop will help you focus on priorities and create a clear plan for the remainder of the term. We’ll also discuss options such as dropping a class, and how this will affect your academic plan. Participants should know where they stand in each class so that we can create a realistic plan.

Draw Toast: How to Find Research

In this fun workshop, Dr. Benjamin Lok, Professor of Computer and Information Science and Engineering, will introduce students to mental models and systems thinking as a way of discussing the process of finding undergraduate research opportunities.

Catching Up When You’ve Fallen Behind

Definitive strategies for catching up when you’re behind. This workshop shows you how to plan your time so that you stay on top of current assignments while catching up on the ones that got away. Most students can accomplish this in ONE week.

Fail, Fight, Flourish: A Conversation with Dr. Sean Niemi

Dr. Niemi, Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, will discuss strategies for confronting the fear of failure. This interactive workshop will equip students not only to recover after a setback but also to understand the value of reaching one’s limits and still remaining persistent.

How to Join Undergraduate Research

In this workshop, learn how to join undergraduate research here on campus as well as how to apply for other opportunities such as paid National Science Foundation Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates at other institutions. Learn how to apply for scholarship opportunities such as Emerging Scholars and the University Scholars Program!

Creating a 4-Year Plan

Creating an academic, personal and professional development plan is a big step toward achieving your goals. You’ll know what’s needed for your academic major, as well as knowing when and how to incorporate skill-building as you work toward internships, research, and study abroad experiences. A 4-year plan helps you understand how to stay on track and prepares you to take advantage of all the opportunities available. 

Choosing Your Major

What’s your major? Everyone is asking, but what if you just don’t know yet? It’s OK! Choosing a major is a process, not a life sentence. In this session we will provide you with tips and tools for making a major decision that fits you and leads you to your goals. 

Crafting a Professional E-Mail

You only get once chance to make a first impression. When it comes to email, it isn’t only what you say, but also the way you say it that counts. Communication skills are key elements in establishing professional credibility. Attend this workshop to learn how to craft an email message that makes the right impression.

Developing a Personal Brand

What message do you want others to know about you? Understanding your motivations and beliefs is important to academic and professional success. In this workshop, you will evaluate your passions and reasons for being an engineering student. You will draft a personal mission statement and goals statement that will form the basis of your personal brand.  Your social media presence and resume will be evaluated to see if it is consistent with brand identity and personal tag line. 

E-Portfolio Designed to Impress

What message do you want others to know about you? Understanding your motivations and beliefs is important to academic and professional success. In this workshop, you will evaluate your passions and reasons for being an engineering student. You will draft a personal mission statement and goals statement that will form the basis of your personal brand.  Your social media presence and resume will be evaluated to see if it is consistent with brand identity and personal tag line. 

The End (of the semester) is Near! Preparing for Finals

No ignoring it now…the end is near!   …the all-nighters, the triple-mocha-espressos, the nagging worry in your gut over how you will get it all done. It doesn’t have to be this way.  This workshop will teach you how to take control of the end your semester instead of letting it control you.