First-Year Advising

First-Year Advising

Center for Student Excellence

Located in the Herbert Wertheim Laboratory for Engineering Excellence is the Center for Student Excellence (270 WERT). Academic Advisors are available to help you plan your program of study, answer questions, and provide valuable career guidance. Engineering students are required to meet with their Academic Advisors at least once per semester. Here’s how to keep the process simple and easy:

  • Check your Gatormail e-mail account. We’ll send a message to let you know holds have been placed.
  • Complete the Academic Planning assignments on your First Year Engineering Canvas page.
  • Check One.UF to determine your registration date.
  • See your advisor before your registration time. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Advance Registration Holds
Engineering students must meet with their assigned Academic Advisors before they can register for classes. Registration holds will be lifted by the advisors, provided that all requirements are met. Plan to see your advisor well in advance of the registration time assigned to you. Honors students must have their holds removed prior to honors registration to register for honors classes.

First Year Advising 
You can schedule an advising meeting at any time, not just when required for registration.
You must schedule a meeting with your advisor for holds to be lifted.
No transient forms will be approved until you meet with your advisor and review transient college policies. Please submit transient requests prior to your advising meeting.