Wertheim Transformation

On Oct. 1, 2015, our now 110 year-old college joined the ranks of other prestigious higher education institutions in the country in becoming a college named after its benefactor.


Nicole and Herbert WertheimDr. Herbert and Nicole Wertheim and the Herbert & Nicole Wertheim Family Foundation gave a $50 million gift that catalyzed a $300 million public-private partnership, leveraging support from the state, the university and from private donors to bring about the biggest transformation in the history of our college.

State University System of Florida Chancellor Marshall M. Criser III aptly summed up the feeling of everyone on that pivotal day when he said that the Wertheims had created an unparalleled opportunity to reimagine how we prepare students for a field that improves the lives of each and every citizen, and our growing economy based on science and technology. University of Florida President Kent Fuchs also paid tribute to the impact of Dr. Wertheim’s gift – he remarked that Herbie’s gift has shown us that an individual can make a difference that will endure. Today, we continue to uphold his vision and passion for transforming the world through engineering education, research and development.

As we embark on making the Wertheim Transformation a reality, we are filled with excitement over the path and possibilities this vision has brought us. Great strides have already been made in critical areas of success, including student enrollment, research awards and faculty hires, the talent pipeline, invention patents and disclosures, and diversity and inclusion. For all of these metrics, we have set higher benchmarks not only for ourselves, but for our peer institutions to follow. In many ways, we continue to be the trailblazer.

HWCOE Students

Enrollment & Faculty

10,500+ enrolled students
281 tenured and tenure-track faculty hired

UF SHPE Members

Diversity & Inclusion

27% of undergrad students are from underrepresented groups
30% of undergrad students are women


Research & Innovation

$113M research Awards
3X the U.S university average of startups launched per dollar invested
241 patent applications

“Being a Gator Engineer, I’ve learned that I can make a difference, and that I continue to make a difference and that I am making a large impact on this world outside of the UF community. I’m powered by you, and I am proud to be the New Engineer!”

Venn diagram - Engineering leadership, Engineering innovation, and interdisciplinary research combine to create the New Engineer

This is the New Engineer:

  • A leader
  • Ethical and principled
  • Creative
  • A problem-solver grounded in a human-centered approach
  • Focused on innovation and discovery
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Dynamic
  • A contributor to the economy

The new engineer transforms the global community.