ABE BioComplexity Seminar


Robin Sur

Monitoring and Modelling of Pesticides in Surface Water Catchments

Dr. Robin Sur is a physical chemist by training and a Distinguished Bayer Science Fellow with 25 years of international experience in environmental and dietary exposure assessment (modelling, monitoring, environmental fate, residue analysis, metabolism, biomonitoring, global water quality). His current role deals with Bayer’s risk mitigation strategy for the environmental safety of plant protection products. He is member of the CropLife International Environmental Risk Assessment Project Team, CropLife Europe’s Water Expert Group and the Digital Agriculture and Risk Mitigation sub-team, chairs the ecochemistry expert group and the project group on risk mitigation of the German industry association and is member of the steering committee of the SETAC multi-stakeholder group to develop guidance on spatially distributed leaching modelling.


Hosted by

Dr. Rafael Muñoz-Carpena